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Salam everyone, if anyone would like to contact me you can reach me at the following:



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  1. Hey there,
    I have posted many comments at your blog but they are still awaiting moderation.Why is that so?

    • sorry there same boat I just cleared all the backlog of comments this evening…

  2. my name is okoro,nwakanma nwafor a student of windfield college k l. i have 17 account coulomb company in k l .since few days now the office has been closed.i m so worry how will i survive this will i pay my school fees and maintain my family in my country.every one in my family depends on me.pls police should do some thing about thsi issue like singapore do handle this matter serious in order to return my RM17800 bfore my death.


    Okoro,nwakanma nwafor

    • Go and lodge a polis report at the Dang wangi Stn.Many have gone and some are going today. The office manager will be meeting the I.O. today who is back from leave.

      We are meeting on Mon at the office.Some investors have informed the media and they will come to the office at 10.00 am

      Be there if you are interested to know the latest happening.

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