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Fake Eggs! An April Fool’s Joke???

Salam everyone

I am sure everyone has heard the news of the discovery of fake eggs in Penang. If you haven’t read this article from The Star.  Wow fake eggs? I wonder what’s next? I mean the very idea of fake eggs is ludicrous, where does the fake egg come from? Did a fake chicken lay the fake egg? Which begs the question: Which came first the fake chicken or the fake egg?

I am sure its just someone’s idea of an April Fool’s joke gone awry. As it only appeared in Pulau Tikus Market, I’m guessing its a prank from a local Penangite. Due to the furor in the news the prankster is probably to afraid to man up and take responsibility for all the mess the fake eggs has caused. Well the yolks on you man…


One Response

  1. for now, layan telur masin jak la thariq..hahahaha

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