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Making Money With Score A Programme

Salam everyone,

This is another post in the Score A Program series. This time we will discuss on how one makes money with Score A Program.

Score A Programme has provided an excellent platform for one to make money with. There are two ways to generate income: the first is through the Fast Start Bonus (FSB) system and the second through the Leadership Bonus (LSB) system.

FSB System:

This  method generates income through networking i.e. recruiting new members who also subscribe to a Score A Programme package. Currently there are three packages available: eBiz, ePartner (eP) and eEntrepreneur(eE).

A member will receive up to four bonuses i.e. referral bonus, pairing bonus, royalty bonus and processing fee. The fourth bonus is only available to those subscribing to the eE package.

The capital required to subscribe to these package are as follows:

eBiz = RM596

ePartner = RM1788

eEntrepreneur = RM5548

An eBiz member can only earn RM70 for each referral regardless of whatever package his referral subscribes to. An eBiz has only ONE business account and he can only have TWO  lines in his network.

An eP member can earn RM70 for referring an eBiz member, RM140 for referring an eP member, and RM210 for referring an eE member. An eP has THREE business accounts and can have FOUR lines in his network.

An eE member can earn RM70 for referring an eBiz member, RM210 for referring an eP member, and RM800 for referring an eE member. Furthemore, an aE member also receives spillover when an eBiz or eP in his network refers other members. If an eBiz recruits an eP member, the eE member will receive an additional RM140, and if an eBiz recruits an eE member, the eE member will receive RM730. If an eP member recruits an eP member, the eE member will recive an additional RM70, and if an eP member recruits an eE member, the eE member will receive RM590.

The eE member is also entitled to a processing fee bonus. For every eBiz that is registered under his network, the eE will be paid RM8. For every eP the eE will be paid RM32. And for an eE, the eE will be paid RM80. It should be noted that an eE member can receive this spillover and processing fee as long as there are no other eE members in his lines. An eE member has SEVEN accounts and can have a maximum of EIGHT lines in his network.

All members also receive a pairing bonus i.e. when there are new recruits registered under a member’s SEPERATE lines. Each pairing will be paid RM80 up to a maximum of of TWELVE pairs for each account.

Meaning that the maximum income daily for pairing bonuses  for each package are as follows:

eBiz = 1 acc *  12 pairs * RM80 = RM960 max daily income from pairing

eP = 3 acc * 12 pairs * RM80 = RM2880 max daily income from pairing

eE = 7 acc * 12 pairs * RM 80 = RM6720 max daily income from pairing

Max monthly income for eBiz = RM960 * 30 days = RM28800

Max monthly income for eP = RM2880 * 30 days = RM86,400

Max monthly income for eE = RM 6720 * 30 days = RM201,600

Thats  a whole lot of moolah if you ask me. So if you want the big bucks the eE package is the way to go.

But we are not finished yet, there is still the royalty bonus. This bonus pays a member 5% of the pairing bonus of his members in his first four levels. For example an eE member can have 8 lines and each member also recruit other eE members. So after four levels you will have a total number of members as the following:

U: 8: 64: 512: 4096 = a total of 4680 members in your first four levels.

These members can have a potential of RM201,600 income per month from pairing. So royalty bonus will be calculated as the following:

4680 * 201,600 * 5% = RM47,174,400

So a whopping RM50 million from royalty bonuses alone. But this is of course if our network develops perfectly. But even with 1% success rate will yield RM471,744 straight to your pocket!

LSB System

The other method of generating income from Score A is through the LSB system. This is a retailing method that actually does not require any initial capital.

One only needs to register as a member and then proceed with retailing the Score A Programme to parents. A starter pack is valued at RM596 which provides 6 months access. A member buys this pack at RM496 from the company and sells it for a retail profit of RM100. The member will also receive BV points totalling 170BV. These BV points will be converted into cash payout the next following month. By aiming for volume a member can reap a decent amount in retail profit as well accumulate serious amounts of BV.

Of course the best method is to do both systems at once! If there are anymore questions, you can drop me an email at keethariq@gmail.com or call me at 0162962431.

“Whether you think you can do it, or you can’t, either way you are right”

— Henry Ford


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  2. well, sometimes it is difficult to earn a good deal of money in a short amount of time;~-

  3. Where can i sign up to be an E member ??

    • Hi please check out the head office at kota damansara, otherwise you can go to http://www.kenshido.com

  4. I wanna do this! How can I start? 🙂

  5. Congratulations. I am sure that you have made money from the score A program. Go for it.

    On the other hand if you are serious to make bigger money please use videos…its with great impact …It is known as Myvideotalk

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