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Score A Programme Updates

Salam everyone,

Its been a real LOOOOOONG time since I’ve updated this blog. So this will be an update on Score A Programme.


The pre-launching of our latest module in Score A Programme, the Score A i-Teacher, an interactive input learning system using the latest technology developed by Universiti Sains Malaysia. Score A i-Teacher introduces Artifical Intelligence Avatars to teach students online. To date, I can safely say that Score A Programme is one of the most advanced e-learning programmes there is in the market. This ceremony, held in Penang also saw the signing of a MOU, which gave Kenshido International Sdn Bhd, the creator of Score A Programme, EXCLUSIVE rights to the i-Teacher system for 10 years.


Our YAB Tan Sri Dato Muhyiddin Yassin, the current Timbalan Perdana Menteri and Minister of Education, presided over a signing ceremony between GPMS – Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung and Kenshido International at Universiti Malaya. The agreement seals the cooperation between Kenshido and GPMS, to promote Score A Programme to all schools throughout Malaysia, through the Skuad Jelajah GPMS-Score A. A total of RM50,000 in cash and RM500,000 in value of products were donated by the company to GPMS to further the cause of Skuad Jelajah GPMS-Score A.


In conjunction with Kenshido’s Recognition Night, the Vice Chancellor of USM Penang was invited to officiate the soft launching of the Score A i-Teacher. Several students were also celebrated for their excellent academic achievement. The achievements of top networkers were also celebrated; in a short period of time hundreds of five figure income earners were born and more than five 6 figure income earners.

This is a truly great programme. Those interested to know more can leave me a comment or contact me through the Contact Me page.


One Response

  1. Memang bagus produk Score A Programme ni. Baru minggu lepas saya daftarkan 2 anak saya. Kalau dulu mereka hanya pergi sekolah dan bila di rumah hanya buat homework saja, kini mereka mengulangkaji di Score A Programme sekurang2 kurangnya 1 topik setiap hari. Dan yang lebih penting, mereka seronok melakukannya.

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