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Caveat Emptor

Salam everyone,

Sorry for the slow updates, I haven’t gotten a PC at my new workplace so I don’t have much time to check my blog. Time spent at home is 100% with my wife and kid. So I try to squeeze in a post here and there.

Just a short one today, I want to address the alarming number of people promoting their links to “Money Making Opportunities” like massiveptr, cashmailz, awsurveys, and myspacetunai etc. I don’t mind you promoting your links, but I have to say now that I do not condone or support these ventures. Readers who are interested in these programs are at their own risk.

If Coulomb world is not enough of a lesson to you guys, I don’t know what to do to get through to you. There’s just so many scams out there, so far the papers have reported close to RM 1 billion have been lost to scams and get rich quick schemes.

So just a word of warning: Beware before you buy (put in money)

Hopefully I can get in another post soon, till next time, salam everyone…


One Response

  1. My name is Jose Antonio end i live in Santiago of Chile.

    I want to consult you if you are a member of cashmailz and if they pay the commissions that they indicate.

    Thank you very much

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