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The Fate of MeCD?

Salam everyone,

As most of you know, recent developments in the politics of our country has resulted in the abolishing of the Ministry of Entrepreneurial and Commercial Development.

As most of you know, MeCD was responsible for the cultivation of Bumi as well as non-Bumi entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Those who have been to the MeCD fairs will know what I’m talking about. It’s very important for the government to continue its efforts in this area.

Fortunately, MeCD and its various agencies will be absorbed by other ministries, in our new Prime Minister’s efforts in streamlining the cabinet. Hopefully it will continue helping our country’s entrepreneurs to grow and reach new heights.

One particular agency that has been highlighted in the press recently was the CVLB or the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board. The CVLB was responsible for issuing of commercial licenses, for e.g. taxi permits and passenger bus permits. It has openly stated that it had failed to solve the perennial problem with rogue taxi drivers.  Such an admission of failure requires swift action by the authorities to avoid further embarrassment.

I read in today’s edition of the Sun, that the Transport Minister proposes the idea that the CVLB should be absorbed under his ministry. I doubt that this will have any effect unless the Minister is willing to impose drastic changes and come down harder on errant taxi drivers.

But another interesting thing of note was the proposal of allowing state governments to control issuing license at state level. I’m attracted to this idea as taxis, buses and other commercial vehicles operating within a state is regulated by a particular agency in that particular state. This allows for more focused management in each state. It also cuts down waiting time as decision is made at state level as there is no need to refer to a single authority.

However there is still a need for a centralized body to oversee over these state agencies, but it should limit its power to supervision and advise, and maybe revision in certain cases. The centralized body can also manage commercial vehicles that operates across different states.

Whatever the decision of the government is, we just have to wait and see and hope that it will all turn out  for the best.


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  1. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be coming back to your posts.

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