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    • @bongkersz it shows upward mobility people who were hardcore poor moved up to relative poverty hence the declining hardcore poverty numbers 2 years ago
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    • @azrulmohdkhalib dia tidak menegakkan agamanya dan dia tidak mengikut segala perintah Allah s.w.t. bacalah dan In Sha Allah awak akan faham 2 years ago
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Some Free Stuff

Salam everyone,

I didn’t manage a post last week coz I had a bit of a fever and I was busy with another project of mine. To make up for the slack, I’ll try to squeeze in 2 posts this week eheh 🙂

Todays post won’t be very long, just wanted to tell you about a new blog I created: makuwahei.blogspot.com. I’ve put up some download links to free ebooks and software relating to internet marketing and stuff like that. I’m giving away everything for free so just download to your heart’s content. I’m planning weekly updates for that blog as well. So check for new updates k.

And talking about free stuff, I came upon this website that offered 250 shares of its company in exchange for a free signup. So that means just signup for free to their website and you get 250 shares of that company. Pretty cool eh? Of course the shares are pretty worthless right now, but the company is pretty confident that the shares will reach GBP0.50 in 2012/2013, so thats pretty much 125 pounds in the pocket. That is if the shares get that high. But since its free why the heck not right? I already got mine. So here’s to hoping for a windfall in 2012/2013 eheh 🙂

Thats all for today, I’ll try to squeeze another post in by Friday…


One Response

  1. good one thariq, gua nak try sign up gak la~

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