Gong Xi Fa Cai

Salam semua,

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese New Year, May the Year of the Ox be a good one for you this year 🙂

Changed my theme, I thought the last one was kind of too dark. Hope you guys like this one better.

Sorry there were no posts last week, tak sempat sebab sibuk nak siapkan kerja sebelum cuti raya cina.

Cuti pun dah habis, now I’m back to work. Checked my email this morning, there’s one about joining a paid online survey program.

The thing about paid surveys is that most of the time, you don’t get called for surveys as often as you would like. Most websites boasts that you can do about 10 surveys a day but the thing is only a select few get to do that much. The thing about surveys is that it depends on the demographics and the subject of the market research. If it is about research on cigarettes they will only contact known smokers, if it is about infant powdered milk then they would only contact parents with infants in their household, etc etc you get the picture.

Another thing to take note is that most paid surveys are for Americans. I’ve heard that there are sites for international users but then again the possibility of you doing 10 surveys a day is quite slim. Think, a company will only do a survey on a group of at most in the hundreds, rarely in the thousands. So if a company does a survey for lets say an average of 200 people and there about 500 companies that do the same thing we have a slot for 100,000 people. These companies aren’t going to hold surveys everyday, they do it about twice or thrice a year, some only once. So thats pretty much slims the chances.

Based on my own experience, I tried joining a paid survey program once but I didn’t get invited to a single survey, since most of the surveys required you to be American and there were not a lot of choices for international users. I have made money however from actual real life survey taking conducted in my own country. Two market research companies operating in Mid Valley and Damansara Uptown paid me about RM30 each for doing a survey on chocolates and the other for something I can’t quite remember. They sometimes send me text messages about upcoming surveys but I’ve been pretty busy to go lately. Basically you get paid between RM30 to RM100 for particpating in the surveys. But they do not take place as often as you would like though. Maybe about once a month they will call you to participate.

So I’m not saying that you can’t make money from doing paid surveys, you can, but don’t quit your day job okay.


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  1. wah, theme baru..nice man!

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