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Happy New Year!

Salam everyone!

Happy New Year!

Although its actually the 5th already, ahaha, but I just managed to write a post today.

Not much to say actually, just want to write down my new year resolutions.

1. Clear all of my credit cards. Yep I got 4 of em and I plan to clear everything. You just feel like spending and spending with one of these things, so I resolve to clear all my cards by 31.12.2009. Amin.

2. Start a steady side income. I’m hoping to earn a consistent side income to augment my financial standings. More money at the end of each month is always welcome. Got several projects in my head which hopefully I resolve to get started by  1.7.2009.

Well thats it for now. I would like to hear what are your new year resolutions, so please leave it in your comments k. Thanks….

P.S. Oh yeah, one more thing, I wonder if anyone knows which bank is suspected in the recent money siphoning incident reported in the news. The Minister says “…you know which bank I’m talking about…” in a TV3 interview, so I’m really wondering which bank it is. My guess is the “tiger” bank but I’m not sure. If anyone has any insight please let me know.


2 Responses

  1. hai thariq!! happy new year

  2. heppy new year~ gua rasa itu rimau jugak la~

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