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Merry Christmas

Salam everyone and Merry Christmas to all our Christian brethren. Although technically today is already the day after or as some call it Boxing Day.

The end of the year is fast approaching and soon we’ll be in the year of 2009. Looking at the past year we should all take a moment and reflect on the many things that had happened to us and to the world this year. We saw a change in the local political scene, a global economic meltdown, a new US president, and so much more. Some bad and some good, but hopefully more good than bad.

As for myself, I’m looking forward to the new year, and have come up with certain resolutions that I will try my best to fulfill. I won’t say what is it yet, maybe later.

Another thing to take note of is that today is also exactly three years since the tsunami struck Southeast Asia with devastating deaths in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia etc. So lets have a moment of silence and pray for those dearly departed. Al Fatihah.

Oh yeah, one last thing before I finish up this post, I just donated three whole dollars to Wikipedia, and I hope some of you are willing to do the same to that great website that has been a bountiful fount of information. So just click on the link below and donate.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button


One Response

  1. U donated to Wikipedia? Why not the OLPC initiative? its a better idea than giving away money to an online encyclopedia was controversial in its content because of user edited content in ‘good faith’. So in a way, its not really factoids in there la kan? OLPC initiative is a better idea to get everyone online I think

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