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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Salam everyone

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Hope you all had a meaningful “holy day”. The past weekend was marred with the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy, where a massive landslide demolished about 14 bungalows and displacing thousands of residents as the area around the landslide was declared unsafe prompting an evacuation.

Fortunately none of my friends or family were lost during the disaster but lets all pray for the dearly departed, al-Fatihah…

There were many responses from the residents, mostly angry ones, and why wouldn’t they be? Their homes were destroyed and lives were lost. Someone must be held accountable. The residents have recently expressed their intentions to sue the local authorities over the matter.

Their cause of action in this matter would probably fall under the rule of Rylands v Fletcher. I’ll expand more on this topic next time. As for now lets hope and pray that another tragedy like this won’t happen again. Its clear that lessons from the Highlands Tower episode was forgotten and its sad that it had to take another tragedy to shock us into awareness. Don’t let those deaths go in vain, remember them always.

3 Responses

  1. selamat hari raya thariq~

  2. Selamat Hari Raya juga, Thariq, Miah & Wani…!

    Al-Fatihah disumbangkan kepada mereka yang telah terkorban.
    Alhamdulillah kerana tiada ahli keluarga & kenalan kami yang secara langsung terkena kesannya.
    Kecewa kerana kejadian Highland Towers tidak diambil ikhtibar.
    Musykil samada kausa tindakan di dalam perkara ini adalah kaedah dalam Ryland lwn Fletcher.
    Kesal kerana semua orang kini hanya menunding jari & mencari kesilapan… tidak adakah mereka yang sanggup bertanggungjawab?

  3. selamat hari raya to you too!

    You and Mia did stay around that area kan at one time dulu? very fortunate that you have moved out.

    I passed by that area once before, and I can’t imagine, for the life of me, how drastic the landscape must have changed because of the landslide.

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