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World AIDS Day

Salam everyone…

Its Dec 1, and today is World AIDS Day. I can’t believe its already December, I only managed two posts last month after resolving to put in more posts. Damn! Time sure flies, I’ve been pretty busy with work and all…

Well anyway, this month’s resolution will be one post a week, at LEAST. There were some topics in my head which I wanted to write about but never got around to it. Let’s cover some interesting things that happened in Malaysia last month:

1. Gas prices dropped to RM2 a liter… yay!
2. PLUS offers a 10% discount on toll rates from 12am to 7am… sucks
3. Yoga is now banned for Muslims according to the new fatwa
4. Bank Negara cuts the OPR by .25% resulting in Maybank and CIMB cutting their rates from 6.75% to 6.5% which is good news for borrowers

These are some of the things I wanted to talk about, but didn’t have the time to. Hopefully I can squeeze these posts in sometime this month…

Anyway, since today is World AIDS Day, I feel obliged to say something about it. Nowadays our youngsters especially those living in urban areas are very social and this brings up the question of sexual promiscuity amongst teens and young adults.

Most of them feel that having sex is the norm and those that aren’t doing it are strange. That’s how bad the situation is. I have had conversations with some people where they think that premarital sex is a normal thing and they look at me funny when I say otherwise.

Well, who am I to judge? I’m certainly not trying to be a moral compass for these youngsters. But the funny thing to me is, that even though they are so in to having sex, the notion of condoms seem to never cross their minds. Strange huh? They get excited of the thought of sex but cringe and say “Eeeww” when they look at condoms. Or am I wrong here? If I am then please prove me wrong.

Whatever it is, no matter how old you are, no matter if it is wrong or right, when you want to have sex always USE PROTECTION! That is unless you are a married couple and aiming to have a baby. If you are then well, good luck! Cayok Cayok!

5 Responses

  1. kalau geli nak guna condom, guna plastic bag~ hahahaha!

  2. Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence! Life is Excellent!

    We have been Provided with amongst “The Very Finest Of Things That Life Has To Offer”.

    We have to Appreciate with Gratitude, the Precious Moments that Life Bestows us With, Each Day, Moment by Moment.

    By Appreciating Life, We are Achieving Excellence; We are truly Reciprocating the Excellent Virtues that we have been Endowed with, and Utilizing these for The Universal Constructive Progress and Meaningful Benefit of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People.

    Make each moment “Count”, each moment “Matter”! Count & Matter, like nothing else!

    Calibrate The Precious Moments, they truly “Count”, they truly “Matter”, each Moment encapsulates and reflects “Treasures Beyond Compare” !

    Pursue your objectives with a steadfast belief and confidence “at each and every instance”, whether in “Thought” or “Action”!

    Always endeavor to make a “Difference”, carve a “Niche”, the “Difference”; the “Niche” that incredibly matters!

    Best Wishes,
    Vashi Ram Chandi

  3. oy thariq mate, we gotta meet up one day yeah. Taylor rain doesnt use condoms by the way, just thought id put it out there

  4. yeah we should man. how about this weekend or the next one? and you can bring Taylor Rain sans condoms hahaha

  5. Yeay for No. 1 & No. 4! err, Thariq, tade No.4 la kat situ? hihi!

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