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Raya Blues

Salam everyone

I trust everyone had a great holiday, maybe some of you are still on it; but for those of you like me who have to get back to work, its a whole different story… Still in the Raya mood as they say.

This year’s Raya was better than I expected. Spent the first day at Kg Baru, my mom’s kampung, and then flew to Tawau the next day for the Kee Family Gathering. We got to Tawau at about 9pm last Thursday, and we stayed at one of the oldest hotels in Tawau, the Marco Polo.

The gathering was on Saturday, so we spent Friday visiting our extended family. Basically “kita beraya sakan” hehe. So the whole day was spent eating and drinking and visiting our aunts and uncles and cousins etc.

The gathering started as early as 8am on Saturday. It was held at the Dewan Masyarakat Tawau, only 2 mins drive away from the hotel. The hall was full of Kees and there was a speech and everything. I liked the exhibition they had, it showed all the memorabilia of the Kee family, ranging from ornate keris to mundane everyday items that still held priceless sentimental value. I only took pictures of these two pictures:

This is a close up of my Dad in his wonder years.

This is a picture of Grandad and Grandma with my uncle and aunt.

Altogether it was a pretty cool gathering. The next day me and my wife visited her granddad at Tanjung Batu before taking a flight to KK later that afternoon. We reached KK at about 4pm and gave my in-laws a surprise, they didn’t know we were coming. Haha it was great fun! Too bad we had to get back to KL on Tuesday…

Anyway its was a pretty great way to spend the Raya break, and I wish I could be back in Sabah longer but we all get back to work sooner or later. So to those still on holiday, oh how I envy you, and to those who are back in the office, well good luck.


2 Responses

  1. Thariq!!! Hehehe… Your father masa muda looked like you la. Haha.

    Apa khabar? Salmiah & baby sihat? Lama ndak jumpa kamu ni… 😀 O ya, Selamat Hari Raya!

  2. seriously, hampir sama..

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