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Fuel Saving Tips

Salam everyone

We all know the government just announced a 10sen reduction on gas prices. Yay… whatever. Gas is still expensive and so I just gathered some fuel saving tips that I’ve read.

This one I picked up from Reader’s Digest

Plan your route – combine errands and try to avoid heavy-traffic areas, road construction and hilly terrain to save fuel and time.

Don’t speed – vehicles are at their most fuel-efficient when operating at 60-80km/h depending on the vehicle. Beyond this point fuel use increases exponentially. “Travelling at 90km/h rather than 110km/h can reduce fuel consumption by 10% or more” says Jack Haley manager of motoring research at the NRMA, Australia’s leading motor insurance company.

Use cruise control – on highways that are essentially level with gentle curves set your cruise control to keep your speed constant and save fuel.

Make sure your tyres are inflated – “keeping tyres up to pressure minimises sidewall flexing” says Haley. “This reduces heat build-up maximizing tyre life and reducing fuel consumption by 1-2 percent. ”

Don’t drive aggressively – try and flow with the traffic and avoid hard acceleration and braking. Tests in the same vehicle using aggresive compared with smooth drivers showed differences in fuel economy of up to 30 percent.

Get regular servicing – this will ensure your car is in tip-top shape reducing the need for repairs as well as saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Use airconditioning sparingly – when the weather is fine, switch off the airconditioning and open the windows. This can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent.

Avoid short journeys – a cold engine uses more fuel. If you don’t have far to go and the weather is nice why not walk instead?

There was an email I got several months ago and I’m trying to look for it. It had some pretty good fuel saving tips. Some of the tips I remembered was:

1. Refuel your car early in the morning or late at night as that is when the gas station’s fuel tank is cooler. Cooler gasoline is more denser and you get more for your money.

2. Do not let your tank go empty. Always refill when its about half full. This way there will be less space for air to mix with the gas in your tank.

3. Do not squeeze the gas nozzle too hard. A fast flow of gas will leave more ‘foam’ in the tank. Keep the flow moderate.

4. Do nor refill at a gas station that is being refilled by a tanker. The refilling process can stir up the tanks and you might get ‘dirty’ gas.

That’s about all I can remember. I’ll post the email when I find it. So meanwhile you can start practising some of the tips to at least save some gas. You’ll need it for the long drive back to kampung for Raya.

One Response

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