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Opening a Liberty Reserve Account

Salam everyone

Recently I opened a Liberty Reserve account to do online purchases and deposits. Its backed by the USD,the EUR and gold so it basically offers the same value as most other payment processors/digital currencies. The thing I like about LR is the relatively low fees that they charge for every transaction that we do. In fact they claim to charge the lowest fees compared to its competitors i.e. Paypal, e-gold and AlertPay.

LR also provides a privacy option which is useful for people who want to keep their online activities from prying eyes. This option is provided for a charge though. I hardly use it, I don’t really care if other people know what I do on the Net, so there 😛

Security is also pretty tight, there are several layers of verification that we have to go through before we can withdraw money from our account. Tight security is always good when it comes to handling money online. For those who think that inputting passwords after passwords is a hassle there is also a wallet option to provide faster access to your money without touching the main account. You can keep an amount in the wallet so you can easily make those small and regular payments without having to access the main account. This particular feature is sure comes in handy for folks who carries out multiple transactions in a day.

Most websites accepts payments by LR so I recommend you opening an account with LR. For those who trade forex online LR is also accepted by most FX brokers like LiteForex, InstaForex and FXCM. Just click here and you can start opening a new account. Another interesting feature of LR is the referral system. Just refer someone else to open an account and you get USD 0.25 to your account. Your referre also gets a USD 0.05 to his/her account. Also you get 10% from the fees generated from your referre’s transactions with LR. So not only is it a safe and secure way to do online purchases it is also a nifty side income for you!

2 Responses

  1. Check out this article as well http://anonymoushosting.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/anonymous-payments/

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