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An observation…

Salam everyone

A couple of weeks ago I was driving past Bandar Botanic & Bandar Bukit Tinggi in Klang, heading towards the Kesas highway. Several newly developed office buildings line the roadside but they are still empty. I’m sure those who have been to Klang know this area. Bandar Puteri Klang is also nearby, although you have to get on the Kesas highway first to get there.

I believe these areas have potential to grow. However growth is stunted due to poor access to these areas. To get there one must either get through the Klang town and past Andalas, which is a very busy stretch of road, or they must use the Kesas highway, which is too expensive. The toll rates are Rm2.20 per toll and one must pass 3 toll gates to get to KL. Thats RM6.60 or RM13.20 both ways! Together with the high cost of petrol nobody would want to go there.

Its true that there is the Jusco Bandar Bukit Tinggi which houses the biggest Harvey Norman store in Malaysia, but these only attract weekenders and local Klang residents. Nobody would want to live in the Bandar Puteri/Bandar Botanic/Bandar Bukit Tinggi area and commute to KL to work.

Furthermore there is a lack of public transportation in this area. If there was an efficient bus service or train, it could provide an alternative for prospective residents. But since there aren’t any, they have no choice but to use a car. And like I said before, high petrol costs and high toll rates will keep most people away from there.

If for some reason, or miracle, the highway concessionaire decides to slash toll rates to half or abolish them altogether (wishful thinking…) then I’m definitely sure that growth in Bandar Puteri Klang, Bandar Botanic, and Bandar Bukit Tinggi would double or even triple in the next few years.

Before I wrap up, I would like to quote one of our country’s property developer:

When channels flow smoothly, communities grow

So think about it…

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