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Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program

Salam everyone,

Sorry about the last two days, I wasn’t feeling well. Got a slight fever that just subsided. Well anyway, I want to write about Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program.

This is a program offered by Al Rajhi Bank which I had recently joined last week. Basically its a referral program where you get a small commission for every member/customer you introduce to Al Rajhi. Al Rajhi’s Personal Financing, Home Financing, and Auto Financing are all under the program so anyone you introduce to take these product will earn you a commission. You also earn commissions from your downline of up to 4 levels. So if you refer 6 customers and they in turn 6 customers each and so on up to 4 levels, you get commissions as well. Yippee huh?

The commissions are rather small though so you have to make up for it in volume. Its certainly an opportunity to make some side income or if you’re really into it you can do it full time and earn serious amounts of money. Here’s the Al Rajhi Friends & Family Slideshow to explain in better detail.

Its very interesting how a concept that’s usually found in MLMs wind up in a Bank’s marketing strategy. But since they are willing to pay who’s complaining right?

All you have to do is go to your nearest Al Rajhi branch and register yourself as a member. You have to open a savings or current account and pay RM50 for the sales kit and an annual membership fee of RM20. Myself, I went to the Shah Alam branch, and spent RM100 to open a Mudarabah savings account and they automatically deduct the RM70 from the account. Not only that, you also automatically receive an Al Rajhi VISA Debit Card!

So what are you all waiting for? Come on lets join this program and take advantage of this great system this bank is offering!



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