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    • @bongkersz it shows upward mobility people who were hardcore poor moved up to relative poverty hence the declining hardcore poverty numbers 2 years ago
    • @MatSaidFans kalau tok janggut masih ada dah lama kepala2 DAP dia dah pancung 2 years ago
    • @azrulmohdkhalib baca surah Al Araf ayat 10. Kalau semua manusia memegang kepada Al Quran nescaya tidak ada masalah di bumi dan di akhirat 2 years ago
    • @azrulmohdkhalib yes we are, itu janji Allah swt. Selagi kita tidak mengikuti segala ajarannya selagi itu kita tidak selamat di akhirat 2 years ago
    • @azrulmohdkhalib dia tidak menegakkan agamanya dan dia tidak mengikut segala perintah Allah s.w.t. bacalah dan In Sha Allah awak akan faham 2 years ago
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Kutu Wang Pos & Its Like


I’m sure you have heard of Kutu wang pos or ekootwo or whatever they call it. They promise you money and financial freedom if you join them. Open up your eyes people, this is just a Ponzi scheme that will lead to nowhere. Mostly it involves you passing around a chain letter of some sort and substitute your name for the one before you etc. and hoping those who read your chain letter will be stupid enough to send it to you. Oh you can make money out of it, no doubt, but come on think about it. How do they sustain the income? People aren’t going to keep sending money. At some point the money is going to stop. Personally there are more better ways to make money. Companies doing business of Kutu or tontine is also illegal in Malaysia due to the Kootu Funds (Prohibition) Act 1971. Doing it amongst friends and family is something else but to give money to some stranger brings this saying to mind: A fool and his money are soon parted…

So think carefully and see you tomorrow…


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