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    • @bongkersz it shows upward mobility people who were hardcore poor moved up to relative poverty hence the declining hardcore poverty numbers 2 years ago
    • @MatSaidFans kalau tok janggut masih ada dah lama kepala2 DAP dia dah pancung 2 years ago
    • @azrulmohdkhalib baca surah Al Araf ayat 10. Kalau semua manusia memegang kepada Al Quran nescaya tidak ada masalah di bumi dan di akhirat 2 years ago
    • @azrulmohdkhalib yes we are, itu janji Allah swt. Selagi kita tidak mengikuti segala ajarannya selagi itu kita tidak selamat di akhirat 2 years ago
    • @azrulmohdkhalib dia tidak menegakkan agamanya dan dia tidak mengikut segala perintah Allah s.w.t. bacalah dan In Sha Allah awak akan faham 2 years ago
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Salam everyone,

Welcome to my blog. Just wanted to do some writing in my spare time. So I’m gonna use this blog to write whatever I feel like…

My name is Kee Mohd Thariq, a 24 year old Bumiputra, who is currently living in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. I work with the GOM (that’s Government of Malaysia); specifically I am an officer in the KL Court.  I’m married to my beautiful and lovely wife, Salmiah binti Salim. She’s a practising lawyer and has her own firm in Shah Alam. We have one daughter by the name of Kee Rizwani, a precocious and very nakal baby girl. Her birthday is coming up: 27.08.2008. So any gifts can be sent by mail… just kidding 🙂 Here’s a picture of us 3:

Me, My Wife & My Baby Girl!

Me, My Wife & My Baby Girl!

You all are probably wondering about my name. Kee is a family name. I am of Chinese descent, i.e. my great grandfather was a Chinese immigrant that settled in Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.  And yes that means I’m part Chinese, part Sabahan, and fully Malaysian. So all family members will have the surname Kee. But only the males get to pass down the surname. I’m sure most Chinese are aware of this.

So basically thats all for now. Tomorrows a new day, and a new post I hope. See ya!


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